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We Escape HACKER Hide and Seek Chase with FIRST E3 Laptop to save Game Master Network!

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Rebecca Zamolo escapes a hacker hide and seek with the first E3 Laptop to save the Game Master Network. Kurt became hypnotized again just like in the giant Clue game after Matt and Rebecca had him take a lie detector test. It turned into a hide and seek chase but we escaped and drove to find the first of 5 laptops being used to hack our Game Master network. Matt and Rebecca see quadrant and begin spying on them while sneaking inside. Daniel our cameraman tells us the hidden device is in a back room but we must solve clues and riddles to get inside. The hackers fall asleep for 2 minutes and we quickly get inside the back room before almost getting trapped. While exploring the escape room in real life we find decoy $10,000 inside a bag along with spy gadgets that we think the Red Hood hacker is using for E3. After searching the control room we decide to turn two devices and it opens the mystery elevator. Rebecca and Matt find the laptop but can’t hack into it without the passcode. Daniel thinks it’s a clue from the Upside Room where the Red hood had her secret meeting but we get disconnected without hearing it. We quickly find the best hiding spot and must play hide and seek with the quadrant before it turns into a chase as we escape. Where do you the GM network? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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