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Media Literacy and Game News

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UPDATE: Oh God dammit there's typos.

Special thanks to Jason Schreier (Kotaku,) Josh Harmon (EGM,) and Crash Course on Media Literacy:

00:00 Quick tips and then definitions for "media literacy"
05:00 Part 1: Writing the news. How is "newsworthiness" determined?
09:09 EGM's Josh Harmon & Kotaku's Jason Schrier on the magazine-to-internet transition, and methodology for reporting non-gaming news
16:30 Historical methods for funding & writing journalism
24:16 Ethics, laws, and education
30:51 Part 2: Funding the news, history of advertising in news media
33:30 EGM & Kotaku's funding, "the wall" traditionally between ad sales & writers
37:45 Editorial meddling & the importance of having a team
43:57 Part 3: Should you Trust the News?
44:09 Media literacy methods & terms from the scholars

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