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LAST TO STOP MOVING in ROBLOX WINS to Rescue GAME MASTER in Real Life with Matt and Rebecca

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Matt and Rebecca need to rescue the game master and have to hack into roblox to find his hidden location.

After Rebecca Zamolo created We FOUND a Wild SKUNK in our House! (Animal Control Called) we realized that we have the reactivator that the GMI are looking for. Rebecca and Matt escape into the safe house and try to hide the spy gadget. Once they sneak it into a pumpkin, Daniel calls and tells Rebecca and Matt that the Game Master is trapped in Roblox in a new room inside their safe house. We have to be careful because someone will be able to track us once we enter the game. Matt found a secret hidden room by using clues but the GM in not inside. Right before they could go into the last room there is a knock at the front door. It looks like there is someone in the room as well. When the mysterious person breaks into the safe house, they quickly escape and need to get to wifi so they can find the gamemaster. Matt drives to starbucks in his telsa and quickly gets back into the game, before he can get into the final room the hacker shows up and they have to escape again. Can they figure out where the real game master is and have a face reveal? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!

Our Safe House in Roblox -

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